Student kills colleague over girlfriend

It all started with an argument in their hostel. The quarrel became tragic when Yusuf Jimoh, a 100-Level Banking and Finance student, allegedly stabbed Sheriff Ali Umar, his 300-Level Philosophy counterpart and hostel mate at the Kogi State University (KSU) in Ayingba, to death.

Both students, CAMPUSLIFE gathered, were allegedly locked in a tussle over a girlfriend. In the heat of their argument, some people intervened and urged them to forget the issue. But they refused. In the twinkling of an eye, they started exchanging blows. Yusuf, whose nickname was given as Santa Claus, allegedly broke a bottle and stabbed Sheriff in the neck.

By the time their hostel mates rushed to the scene, Sheriff was in a pool of blood. Yusuf reportedly fled the scene while Sheriff was rushed to hospital.

It all happened on Thursday at their off-campus hostel on Ankpa Road.

Some residents told CAMPUSLIFE that their relationship with a female student led to the incident. When the argument started, it was learnt that their landlord intervened. But, Yusuf allegedly demanded a pledge from the late Sheriff to leave the girl for him. The deceased, it was learnt, declined, claiming that he would never leave her for anyone.

An eyewitness, who gave his name as Chris, told CAMPUSLIFE that Yusuf’s elder brother, Lateef, who also stays in the hostel, ran away when he saw what his brother did.

He said: “We were all in our rooms when we suddenly overheard Sheriff and Yusuf raising their voices against each other. Some of us came out to know what was wrong. When we discovered their argument was over a girl, we told them to forget about it. Even the landlord came out and told them to stop arguing over the girl.

“We believed they would behave like adults and we left them, hoping they would not engage in the argument again. After we left, a fight suddenly broke out between the two of them. Before some of us could rush to the scene, Yusuf had stabbed Sherriff in the neck with a broken bottle and fled immediately.

“As a blogger, I wanted to take pictures of the scene but what I saw was beyond my explanation. I was frightened, seeing Sheriff in a pool of his own blood. When Lateef was called out of his room, he ran away immediately when he saw what his brother had done.”

Another eyewitness, who gave his name as Nelson, said: “After he stabbed Sherriff, Yusuf stopped an oncoming bike and left the scene to escape from the angry mob that ran after him.”

Yusuf has been arrested by the police in his Auchi hometown in Edo State.

The victim died in the hospital. CAMPUSLIFE learnt that the deceased was buried on Thursday, according to Islamic rites.

His classmates described his death as shocking. In their condolence message to his family, they described the late Sheriff as “humble and easygoing”.

His close friend, Emmanuel Oluwatobi, wrote on his Facebook wall: “Imagine… such a cool headed guy. Sheriff did not deserve to die this way. I was pained at your sudden exit from this sinful world my friend. I am in tears right now. Rest in peace, Sheriff.”

Another Philosophy student, Nasiru Ahmad, recalled that the late Sheriff inspired him, saying: “I have never seen a gentle soul other than him. He inspired me with his hustle and just like that, his life was cut short. I pray God gives his family members the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss. His killer should never go unpunished by the law.”

Promise Emmanuel, who claimed to be the deceased’s mentor, said: “It has been a harrowing period for me to learn that Sherriff is no more. I never felt the pain of losing him until the night after, when his thoughts overwhelmed my mind. I could imagine the kind of pain he suffered when the shameless Yusuf broke a bottle and stabbed him in the neck. So, we will miss him.

“He always called me mentor. He told me once about the issues he had with Yusuf about his girlfriend. I told him to stay out of trouble and not to fight anyone over a woman. I was taken aback when I learnt of the incident. It hurts me. It is like a sharp object is driven into my heart.”

Abiola Ahmad described the deceased as an “easygoing student”. He said: “Why such an easygoing guy got stabbed over a girl confounds me. His death is so painful. May his soul rest in peace.”

Cyril Awulu, a student, described the incident as “disgusting”.

“What a disgusting act. It is painful two adults fought over what is abundant. Why would a sane person commit such bloody violence against his fellow human being because of an argument over a girl? I am scared of my fellow students.”

Tenimu Yakubu, another student, urged the police not to sweep the matter under the carpet, saying the ghost of the deceased was crying for justice. He suggested that the culprit’s prosecution would serve as a lesson to others who employ violence to settle “simple matters”.

He said: “It is great news that the killer has been arrested by the police. He s hould be prosecuted according to the dictates of the law. Justice must prevail in this matter in order to serve as a deterrent to young people who use violence to settle simple matters.”


Source: The Nation

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