*Arojah studio host Shina Ayo Oyinlola*

*Arojah studio host Shina Ayo Oyinlola, others*  ….. *”Olodumare Iba” album gets commendation*


Ace presenter, broadcaster, actor and producer Mr Shina Ayo Oyinlola who returned to Nigeria from the United States of America two days ago came visiting Arojah World of Entertainment Limited (AWEL) musical recording studio facility in Lagos.

Oyinlola came in company of Bukola Animashaun; the duo were received by the management and staff members of the organization.

Oyinlola commended the flagship musical album produced by company “Olodumare Iba” he explained and enumerated the strategies deployable to market the gospel album to make it a commercial success.

“Olodumare Iba” is the exclusive musical copyright of the Executive Chairman of AWEL Apostle Samson Albert.

He recommended three reputable, trusted and diligent marketers of music works, out of whom AWEL he said can make her choice.

An elated Oyinlola said this is the first time he will be paying a visit to anyone after his arrival from USA.

He offered that his practice was to spend an exclusive one week time apart with his immediate family, but he never knew what came over him to come with Bukola Animashaun to AWEL facility.

e offered that this presupposes that Apostle Albert aka Arojah is a special human being.

Oyinlola later went live on “Rojah Radio” AWEL’s online radio platform in company of veteran Nollywood thespian Samson Bolarin aka Akoni.

Apostle Albert joined the duo on air and the session recorded over 2214 listeners globally.

The host treated the guests to a lavish reception thereafter.

                                                                              Arojah World of Entertainment Staff, Arojah(Chairman of AWOE and Shina Ayo Oyinlola)

                                                   *Arojah studio host Shina Ayo Oyinlola, others*  ….. *”Olodumare Iba” album gets commendation*




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